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You wanna be a programmer but I do not like coffee at nite?

What is the first thing you do in the morning? Probably  make a good cup of coffee  or other beverage to wake always at the top of the list.Whether you prefer tea, coffee or energy drinks, the caffeine has become part of our lives  and in many cases it is a must to survive the day.
If you are one of those people who panics when the jar is empty coffee, read on recommended list with espresso makers to discover other ways to  stimulate your nervous system  and keep you awake.

5. Eat right
Since there is coffee, the better we are filled with something else.After all, somewhere you have to  obtain energy  to function during the day. But this does not mean you can eat anything. Avoid eating large amounts of food at a time, as it only will give more sleep.Furthermore, while  sugary foods  can give you an energy boost when the effect ends fatigue can be much worse than before. Best stick to snacks  like nuts and fruits.


4. Take plenty of fluids
without caffeine , do not go to cheat the idea here was to overcome a little addiction!
The  dehydration  can cause  fatigue and lack of concentration , so be a water – filled glass at hand. A  survey  recently conducted in the United Kingdom indicated that only 4% of doctors believe their patients are aware of the  amount of water that must be taken daily (1.5 to 2 liters, but surely you knew that ).
Also, if you drink enough water, you have to stand up to go to the bathroom quite often, which leads to the next point …

3. Move!
Looking for any excuse to get up and walk around the office or  at least moves a little feet under the desk . Move will stimulate blood circulation  in your body and that will allow you to stay alert. Also, it sits for too long can cause your  metabolism enlentezca  and lead to various health problems .

2. Listen to music
Ponte headphones and looking for a good playlist to wake you . It not necessarily has to be loud music, just something that  stimulates your brain  to keep you awake  without preventing you to concentrate on the tasks you perform . No matter if what works for you is Wachiturros or Lord Bieber, nobody will judge … Except that the sound of your headphones to leak, then  get ready for trial , but at least be awake!

1. Turn on the air conditioning
and carrying blankets for your teammates, that between this and Baby One More Time  and you will be hating, but  the important thing is to avoid the heat . The cold makes your body must  regulate its temperature  and this must be awake. You can also try washing your face with some cold water.
We hope these tips allow you to  stay awake . Of course, if none of this works, you can always fall back and run to the corner bar to ask for a good black espresso .