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The language of machines or Internet of things

Internet de las cosas

We’re at a fascinating technological time. Today we begin to see the first robots that offer services, expanding artificial intelligence, drones are beginning to fly and disabilities or serious injury of some people already are practically “impossible” barriers. Another revolution progressing “adequately” is the “internet of things” (IoT) or communication between machines and devices.

We also begin to live a moment of very powerful market with forecasts of $ 8.89 billion by 2020 for this sector.

Today we already start to familiarize ourselves with the refrigerator alert to the supermarket when the yogurt will finish us or butter, with sensors that regulate the temperature and of course our home lighting. What you think control state is of gas, through sensors that alert us to our mobile leaks or damage? It is therefore possible. And if the oven was broken and we had us account at the time that we are going to put the Turkey?This already not going to recur, with IoT.

Who hasn’t dreamed of once in any big city have “oversight” to know where there was a “bloody” parking place. We have gone so far as to make distinction between “classes of people”: which are parking and which not. It is over. Car “is going to blow” in real time the holes available for Park and not get home desperate, with the car in a double row.

It is sure computers know all they have to know about the “stuff” through the use of data that you collect, monitor, count and geolocalicen that need us around. Can the exercise of thinking that would save costs, and above all losses?

Experts predict that by 2020 there will be more than 26,000 million devices adapted the IoT and another 30,000 million wireless devices connected to the web. They say that a person is surrounded of between 1,000 and 4,000 objects throughout his life, so imagine the Web of interaction, company providing SEO marketing wastes no time and proposes the “smart buttons” and independents (Thinking Things Open), which work with a SIM card anywhere in the world to use a Global SIM, and integrated so easily the user click and get the service. So the telephone company has launched along with pizza delivery , Click & Pizza, a new concept of order service of home delivery of pizza, executed through one click. In this way, have joined capabilities in its commitment to technological innovation adapted to the Internet of things.

Click & Pizza is an autonomous button with battery which may accede to refrigerator in customers and just press it, may be your favorite pizza order from any location. In this way, the customer will receive your pizza without having to do anything else or make any call or additional processing via mobile or PC. Who hasn’t dreamed of this! I say the push of a button and obtain a service!

All this translates into efficiency, of energy, of business, of time, of resources, leverage the intelligence of many teams, improving operations, and most importantly the satisfaction of the customer, people, that is what has to serve all this means. Consider for a moment as our can improve all this already excellent health service or transport in the country.

We are going to go collecting benefits in three lines, mainly, they are: the substantial improvement in communications, control, and of course, a third in which all converge, which is a significant cost saving.

But not everything is done, of course. Let us not forget the barriers or challenges of this transition: an ecosystem shared for all devices, a standard protocol for hardware and software, the problem of the batteries that are exhausted, and of course, control data (Privacy and marketing).

In any case, there is less. It is not so much about imagination, but the power of Science (and funding)