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Program Guide: How to install a shower head shower head guide on how to install a new shower head is not as easy as changing a light bulb, but almost.

Materials and tools

– New shower arm (optional)

– Replacement shower head

– Pipe Wrench

– thread sealing tape

– mastic or putty plumber


To start, decide whether or not to keep the shower arm, ie, the existing tube angle at which the shower head is connected. If the shower arm has become corroded over time, or does not match the finish of your new shower head, scrap. A socket wrench does the job when you’re hands fail. Note that while shower heads usually do not come with shower arms, you should find easily be appropriate for sale separately.


Omit this step if you opted to keep the existing shower arm. To install a new shower arm, start wrapping his threads, two or three times, with thread sealing tape. Stretch the tape slightly, and apply it . Then carefully turn the pipe in the wall fixture, and then sealing the wall opening with plumber ‘s putty. Slide shower flange arm and press the putty. Wipe off excess.


The next step depends on the type of shower head you have purchased. If yours is the type that is directly connected to the arm, this is what to do: Use sealing tape thread to wrap the wire in the base of the shower arm, then turn the shower head in position, being careful not to overtighten. (If clamps used instead of a key, protect the finish of installation with several layers of fabric or plastic tape.)

Homeowners who have purchased a handheld shower head probably is not necessary to add thread sealing tape on the base of the shower arm (if true, however, check the manufacturer’s instructions). In this case, the installation consists only of threading the hand on the shower arm, before threading the flexible hose hand shower in the holder.

Additional tips

• Arguably, handheld shower heads are more practical than fixed.

• A shower head low flow saves water and energy of your water heater should be used to provide a comfortable bathing experience.

• metal shower heads are usually better than plastic play. Look chrome finishes and brass construction. Easy adjustment and longevity without problems justify the added cost of such devices.

• metal hoses in hand-held shower heads are more flexible, and therefore easier to handle, plastic hoses.

• Shop online more choice, but visit the shops to have the opportunity to see and feel the products you are considering. Expect to pay at least $ 80 for a quality model.