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Movies that every programmer should see

we hope you enjoy this new list of putlockers movies as much, as we have done while viewing them. To enjoy!

Ex Machina


Can you imagine if, as a programmer, you call the CEO of a multinational company like Google to test a prototype of artificial intelligence? Well, something like that happens to Caleb in the 2015 film, Ex Machina. Caleb is a programmer on the staff of the great BlueBook, a very important Internet company that has multiple services, including the most used Internet search engine (see simile with Google). On a day’s work, Caleb receives a mysterious email from the company’s CEO, who founded BlueBook at age 15 and is a computer genius who tells him to meet him. When arriving at the remote island where Nathan, the head of BlueBook, finds out that the purpose of the meeting is to make the test of Turing to a prototype of artificial intelligence that he himself has developed.

Background for a Programmer: Artificial Intelligence

Hard Candy

Starring Ellen Page and Pattrick Wilson, Hard Candy (2005) tells a story, a bit, truculent and not suitable for the whole public. I put you in situation, without revealing anything important of the film. It is the typical love story of the XXI century, boy meets girl on the Internet and they stay one day, to have a coffee. The thing up here is something normal, what is not normal is the age of the individuals, Jeff is 32 years old and Hayley is only 14 years old. Drinking coffee, Jeff, since she is a photographer, invites her to her house to make a book to Hayley and she accepts. Surely you’re wondering what will happen next, right? Well, the movie gives you a full turn so you’re stunned.

Background for a Programmer: Dangers of Internet Communication


Set in World War II, the film Enigma (2001) tells the story of Tom Jericho, a brilliant mathematician who is requested by the British secret services at Betchley Park. There code-breakers work there who have realized that the Nazis have changed the way their submarines communicate and also how they communicate with the German High Command. At the same time an important English ship with ten thousand passengers and valuable supplies is in danger of being attacked. Will Tom be able to decipher the Nazi communications with his Enigma machine?

Background for a Programmer: Encryption

Steve Jobs

You say, another movie Steve Jobs? And I’ll tell you, yes, but this is, to my liking, the best of all. Maybe it’s the performance of Michael Fassbender or the narrative of the film, but it seems to me a film that, all of us who are involved in the world of programming or computer science in general, should review. The film Steve Jobs (2015) does not tell anything new, who else and who least knows something of the life of which he was CEO of Apple, but is counted in a way that makes you can not lift the chair the two hours that lasts tape.

Background for a Programmer: Innovation

Who am i

Who Am I is a German film that tells the story of Benjamin, a typical guy who, in search of his own identity, decides to join a group of hacktivists with whom he intends to change the world. The modus operandi of this group of hackers and cyber-activist hacking groups is reminiscent of the universe currently in vogue. I’m not going to tell you that it’s a must-see movie, but if you like the hooded roll behind a computer to corrupt the current political system, I think this can be your movie.

Background for a Programmer: Hacktivism


Disconnection (2012) is a film that tells the story of five people. That of a lawyer who is so busy with his work and so stuck to his mobile phone that, incomprehensibly, does not have time to talk to his family. The one of a couple whose life is compromised to be exposed its secrets in the social networks. That of a policeman who tries to correct his son who bully a classmate. And finally a journalist who is believed to have found the bomb of his life in a story of minors and pages for adults. They are real strangers, and their lives are intertwined in this magnificent film.

Background for a programmer: Social networks

Perfect Blue

Satoshi Kon is one of the greats of Japanese adult animation, and works like Perfect Blue (1997), endorse him. Mima is the star of a Japanese music group, she is a true diva in the country of the rising sun, but since she does not sell as many albums as before, her manager has planned a new life for her and a change of course, Star of a television series to catapult his fame again. This is not to the liking of Mima who falls into a deep depression. If this is what we add, she discovers that her whole life is on the Internet and that someone is constantly watching her, we get a brutal cocktail. Mima reaches the point of confusing what is reality, what is fiction.

Background for a Programmer: Internet Privacy

Conceiving Ada

We have already spoken here several times of Ada Lovelace, the first programmer in the world, that is, the first person who designed an algorithm to be interpreted by a machine. In this film we do not follow Ada directly, but Emmy Coer, a computer genius who develops a method of communication with the past, resorting to immortal information waves. To worship his craft, he decides to approach Ada Lovelace, the founder of computer science.

Background for a Programmer: History of Programming

Open Windows

Open Windows (2014) is a Spanish film directed by Nacho Vigalondo, who already directed the phenomenal “The cronocrímenes”. It tells the story of Nick, a boy who has smiled his life as he will meet in person his favorite actress, Jill Goddard. Jill is promoting her latest movie and Nick has played with her in an online contest. But everything goes wrong and a call alerts her that the actress has canceled the appointment. That call also informs him that, in compensation, he has given her an access to spy Jill through her computer, all night.

Background for a Programmer: Internet Privacy

The signal

Three students disappear without a trace when they were investigating a hacker’s computer track. It all starts when Nic, his girlfriend Haley and his best friend Jonah, who travel by road through the Southwest, take a detour to locate a computer genius who has already managed to sneak into MIT systems and expose security breaches . The young people have aroused the curiosity of the mysterious hacker and vice versa. When you get in touch, everything suddenly becomes dark.