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Massage, yoga and travel to retain technology employees

What software firms offer to entice programmers. It is a sector with full employment. And they gave 35% wage hikes.


Sebastian Bell [email protected]

To overcome fierce contracture in the back there are two possible paths. Entered in pilates classes or a computer programmer career. In their desperation to retain employees in one of the hottest sectors of the economy, technology companies are offering office massages and yoga classes . That, plus travel and salary increases, in the most demanded items, reach 35%.

In recent months, the landing of multinationals decided to install in Argentina their own development centers, such as Motorola, Intel, Avaya, EDS and Google, dried even more a place in which there isvirtually full employment , account Leonardo Savelli, of CreativeJobsCentral, a company specializing in human resources computer consultant.

a Jaime Tesone took him months to 45 engineers to the newly opened development center Avaya software, which exports technological solutions from Buenos Aires to the world. “We must devise policies motivating staff permanently , ” says Tesone.

In 2006, Google, the search giant on the Internet, was the top of the ranking of Great Place to Work USA (an annual study that identifies the best companies to work), among other things, to give free massages to employees in the office. Savelli note that this offer, along with yoga classes and open spaces for games like foosball and ping pong , as is being seen in local software companies. They are added to wage hikes above the average of the economy, which in the most tense areas of the market reached 35% in 2006, and the return of bonus year – end for productivity, “a mode that had been removed during the crisis and had not been standardized since her time of Y2K, the (false) the millennium virus in 1999 “.

the high demand generates starting salaries to inexperienced people, the order of 2,000 pesos a month , but in the sector software programadores¿estrella talking about no more than 23 years take up to7,000 pesos per month to their pockets. “There is still a dual market with higher wages in those companies that export , ” says Angel Perez Puletti, president of Baufest, a firm middle software that operates from the neighborhood of Núñez, “this situation will take one or two years mate. ”

higher wages cause an adverse effect : tempt many students to leave school to join the labor market before. “We encourage you to received ,” says Perez Puletti, “in exchange for the degree give two additional weeks of vacation and we encourage them to do the backpacking trip a month to Europe.”

In Argentina there are 52,000 employees related technology segment, according to calculations Paula Nahirñak, researcher IERAL. The sector turnover 5,000 million pesos a year . Check our website here at fitshop.