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Learning English is essential to being a great programmer

Although we make a great effort in creating content in quantity and quality in Spanish, is not a secret that the best programming material (books, tutorials, video tutorials, conferences, etc.) is in English.

For example, right now Laracasts is publishing a series of fundamentals laravel  in English, theofficial laravel documentation is in English, the API and comments from laravel and other frameworks are in English. StackOverflow , a great source of technical expertise, is also in English. Every time you encounter a “bug” or “issue”, I write my question on Google in English, and the chances of getting response soar 1000% also the best work you can get as adeveloper are in countries like Canada, USA and England. Need more motivation?

Tools to learn English online

Fortunately Internet is a wonderful place if you know how to use it, and today have at your disposal different free tools to start your goal to learn English today:

Duolingo is a platform that acts as a social network on como aprender ingles de verdade and other languages and works! In my family we even have a competition about who has more points or consecutive days of use. If you use it or want to start using it, add me, my user is duilio.pal.

Inglés With Jennifer  is a Youtube channel with more than a dozen Playlists and hundreds of videos for all levels. I recommend you to be part of the quarter million subscribers that has Jennifer.

Most modern courses often forget the importance of learning the grammar rules. That is why I like to do lessons in  aulafacil .

WordReference is a great resource support to learn English, find definitions with examples, context, pronunciation, etc. Definitely you can not miss one of my lashes every time I learn a new language.



There are many pages of tutorials in video, audio and / or text that may help you, to not let doubt consult Google or your favorite search engine.

No, Arthas not going to teach English, but play video games (in English) and watch movies and series (in English) are an excellent resource. Above all RPG type games (like Final Fantasy) where the talks are keys to achieving goals are a great incentive to want to learn the language.