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It is the setting of a computer on a dangerous carpet?

Travel and falls

Falls are one of the five leading causes of fatal accidents in the home, according to the website of Living With My Home. Setting up a laptop or desktop computer tower on the ground in the path of foot traffic creates a potential risk of tripping. Even if the computer is in a more discreet area, such as next to a table or sofa, you can still create a barrier and make someone switch to trip and fall.

Physical damage

An injury can not happen if someone trips over the team, but the machine itself can be damaged if someone kicked or struck by falling accidentally. If the impact is strong enough, the hard drive or other components may be damaged or parts may be released from the motherboard, causing them to malfunction. An animal or a child that the team is on the ground could play with it and damage the keyboard, cables or the connected devices.

Dust and debris

No matter how clean you keep a team out, dust still accumulates inside the box. Rugs and carpets are a known source of dust and lint. Positioning equipment on the carpet is sure to greatly increase accumulated debris on the computer. Dust accumulation L ‘can eventually obstruct the vents and cause overheating of the CPU. Dust can also spoil other moving parts, such as disk tray in an optical drive, leading to premature failure.

Static electricity

Leaving a computer on a carpet will make it more susceptible to damage from electrostatic discharge.Carpets are one of the main sources of static electricity and an accidental discharge can damage some components, especially the CPU and memory. This risk increases significantly if the case is opened, for example, installing a memory upgrade or a new sound card. From time to time check it and use carpet cleaner.