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How to write a SEO text position

Everything they’ve told you about writing SEO texts is a lie. Label passes, passes semantic latency and keyword stuffing. TAGS less, more FLOW.

Writing a SEO text is simple : SEO is good content that best answers the question of a user. White and bottle.

Google earns money by being the best search engine there -after our mother, as she has to go and look, cobras-, and for this you need propocorcionarte the content that best answers your question, that you raise him as search.

Optimize the technical elements helps a little, but not required and is not, even remotely as important as making a content that is like.

Now, how does a SEO article writing?


Do not worry, we will not go into technical things; it is common sense applied, like everything in SEO.



  1. Keywords : It is true that generally an item has to be directed to a keyword or subject that is being sought . It is therefore important toknow if you have to put the focus on “car rental”, “car loans” or “rent a car”. Do you know what to look for more? As in principle you have no idea nor I either- what you do is go to tools like übersuggest to give you ideas, and the Keyword Planner of Google to tell you the volume of each.If you can not use them , you can find more information in our guide keywords for SEO .When you have identified several that have good, do the search yourself on Google and look what they have the strongest competition .At first glance you can identify it by seeing if they are powerful or websites (better compete against blog Paco against Amazon), and if indoubt, you can use tools like ahrefs to look at the links that each URL: if you have many links will be stronger if you have few or none.
  1. The URL matter much : The URL must be fully optimized for the keyword. Eliminates the words that do not provide SEO value, including conjunctions, prepositions and other stop words. Mal : / the-10-best-cars-electrical-to-the-petaran-in-the-2014 / Well : / best-cars- electric-2014 /

Regarding the extension, there is no maximum recommended, although the ideal is that the depth of content does not exceed 3 levels.

Mal : / level1 / level2 / level3 / level 4 / content Well : / level 1 / level 2 / content

Obviously when we speak of posts on a blog, the ideal is that the part of the URL referred to the content is at a first level.

  • The title has to molar . Then comes the SEO: How many posts have been made on how to write a SEO text? You have to add something that differentiates it from the other 50,000 equals, and the title has to be your statement of intent. Mal : How to write texts SEO Good : 10 Secrets For Writing SEO anyone else you diráTen note that the title has to have between 50 and 70 characters to display entirely on the search engines, but you know what? A longer title can have greater engagement on social networks, encouraging you generate traffic, links and social signals (and this will mean that better positions).
Often content with high competition have to fight for delivering maximum value, not have the keywords in the title. In the example, the first result does not have the key term in the title or description. And it is a PDF!
  • The description is your secret weapon : the meta-description tag is the text displayed under the title on the results of Google. No influence how positions the content, influence, if molan, people click on them, and if not molan do not. And when people click on your content rather than in that of others, your content up positions as foam . Mal : In this article you will learn to write texts optimized for brisbane search engine optimisation. Well : you want to write texts optimized for SEO? Well you’ve come to the right place. You learn the 15 secrets of SEO that you become an expert.
  • The structure must be consistent . Imagine you read a newspaper where first is the news, half reading you see the title and the subtitle is to final.Si for you makes no sense for either Google H1 ever before the H2, H3 within H2, and counting . Beyond the H2 or H3 much should not have excessive needs to continue ordering information, so do not seek to force the reach H6, really, it is not necessary.

And you’re done! It seems impossible, but if you meet these points your post will be optimized for SEO . Obviously that is not everything, you also have to avoid making rookie mistakes …


  1. The keyword density . Or the number of times it appears a keyword for every 100 words If you talk about a subject is normal to appear named throughout the entire post , and that will better position, but there is no correct keyword density, or should increase the time you enter a term if it does not come to cuento.De done, Matt Cuts, head of Google search, and made it clear that is not a factor of positioning . (And we do not trust him, we tested and is confirming its version).

  1. Extension : There are 100 words content that can work superbly and another 3000 as well. It is true that the longer content tends to better position , but also because it tends to address an issue in more depth, not because it is artificially extended. Note that in the time it takes to write a post 3000 words may write 30 100 , so you have to be very sure that you’re going to get a return on write largos.Como items advice, do not force the extension : your post however long it has to last, do not belike Peter Jackson in the return of the King, not unnecessarily lengthen your posts.
  2. The Meta Keywords : Google confirmed in 2009 , which is said suddenly that does not use the meta keywords tag to position the content and there is nothing to suggest that can mentir.A good Google ignores it and are spending absurdly code . a bad if you look, but only to penalize those sites that put meta keywords that are not in its content(who knows) and it costs a disappointment.

Although it is a cliché and almost ashamed to say, remember to write for people, not robots .

It is imperative that your content, in addition to the above, fall in love, captivates and, basically, to answer in the best possible way the question that makes you the user to a search engine. And for that we have to write the best content.


This is the hard part to optimize text for SEO. You really want that position? Get give the user what no one else is giving .

  1. Be the best : If after doing competitive analysis you think there is room to improve the present, do. A simple way is to use the techniqueskyscrapper : Basically is to detect what is working to competition and multiply it by a thousand . What do the top 5 SEO tools? I make a list with 100. What do you have a list with 200 but only name them ? I’ll take the 10 essential and will analyze the detail.The aim should always provide maximum value to the person who comes to our post .
  2. Be unique : If everyone is talking about how to do SEO in 2014, make a post on how to do SEO in 2015 to analyze trends in the industry. If everyone is applauding what they are integrated Social Media and SEO, make a post saying it’s a hoax. Most issues can be approached from very different perspectives but neither is wrong.
  3. Uses the language of your user : Please note that the user searching you use your own words and jargon that characterizes him. It is essential that we take into account not only for us to increase traffic through those terms, but because the user will be easier to read, share and link a text intended for him .For example, suppose you’re doing an article for biologists on frogs: Mal : frogs are animals that live both in water and on land. They are green, have 4 legs and make “croak”. Well : Anurans incorrectly labeled with the term “frog” or “toad” are a group of amphibians with taxonomic rank of order. Now imagine that it is a page for children 5 years : Mal : anurans incorrectly labeled with the term “frog” or “toad” are a group of amphibians with taxonomic rank of order.Well : frogs are animals that live both in water and on land. They are green, have 4 legs and make “croak” .Tener these differences into account is especially important to turn to niche , to countries withdifferent uses of the same language (not the same Spain that Latam) and ranges of different age.
    For example, Renfe adapts perfectly to the language of its users.
  4. Invites the comment : When you comment on your post, they are adding new content, which has two effects: causes the page to refresh and extend the written content on this subject . A good commentary can generate great value for readers asking questions necessary or giving a new perspective and initiating a valuable discussion, but is also generating 50 or 100 words of text, for practical purposes to Google, you will be adding to your post. That is, they also improve the SEO of your content .So a post of 100 words to generate 20 good comments is easily converted into a large post of 2100 words that will position much better. The best? Others have done the work for you .Eye, does not come free, for this you have to be constantly responding to comments, solving questions, and generally making people has reason to post comments on your blog.
  5. I am varied : If you spend just to write, you’ll never make content that really outweigh the others. One way to offer something different is touse other formats : video, infographics, presentations, etc. which is better than what you want to tell and are different from what they are doing others.For example, upload a video to Youtube and insert it into the post fit: so you can use a combination of keywords complementary in each case as videos Youtube also position, and while improvements the value of your contenido.En this sense, never forget to put bold, links, quotes, pictures, videos and presentations that can make more pleasant and useful reading the content.
  6. Share the content : In the end, one of the things that will make your text, place great or not, is the number of links pointing to it. So if it is relevant and useful will come into more compilations, and as a tool in other posts of the theme. If it is not, you will get many visits (because Ihave a good master image or a good title) but will not get the links.Así craved, what I can do when writing the article to generate more links? Think about that always as a resource, the value it brings to webmaster needs to provide greater educational value, or fun, or have a post exactly like yours, and make it better with this in mind.Additionally, remember to communicate several times and well . Unlike what we usually think, not usually viralizar Internet content to the first change: usually needed more attempts. It is therefore important that you work well in 4 or 5 different texts to share the blog on Social Media that generate interest and invite to click.
  7. Links help you find things : If you ‘re composing a digital text will not be good unless you take advantage of the benefits offered by this entorno.Cada link you put give the option to your users find information that complements what they are looking for and if you link to content themselves because they are relevant, you are generating links to them.Which means: more visits, more links, more authority and ultimately more traffic.
  8. Order your content : Make sure your content, and well written, well cataloged and etiquetado.Esto will give SEO traffic category pages and labels, but also enhance your web interbonding, which will be easier to find and improve your potential SEO.

In short, returning to the beginning of this post: The best you can do to make your content search engine position is perfectly answer to the question of the user.

But answer is not just to provide more information than others : You canalso make it more attractive, easier to interpret and synthesize, which will provide more advanced features if you need them , keep it more up to date, that offers interaction with the community … and above all it is well connected .

Do you know your users well? You know what they expect from you and you can respond to perfection? If the answer is no, I can only recommend that you investigate and analyze until you have clear, because until we’re sure you will not be able to create a coherent online strategy, much less a SEO strategy (and theme, tone and format content is an essential part of both points).

So, you know your audience, ensures technical and some do better than others . That’s the secret of writing SEO texts.