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For the Oxford Dictionary, the word 2014 in the English language is …


As is tradition, in November the Oxford Dictionary announced which was, for its consideration, the most emblematic word of English in the year that is ending.

A year ago the choice was “selfie” , and as we know, the term madness unleashed a whole during 2013 and 2014.

Now the Oxford Dictionary of English chose the verb Vape (vaporear), as the word of the year. This term is used to refer to the action of inhaling best electronic cigarette in the UK. This is what he told the editors of the dictionary in a statement:

“The word of the year is a term or expression which has aroused great interest. In the past five years, sales of electronic cigarettes have increased from virtually nothing to a multibillion dollar industry. “

They also pointed out how necessary it was to have a word to distinguish the activity of electronic cigarettes inhale smoke a conventional cigarette, therefore, the word Vape has come to fill a linguistic egg that was increasingly evident.


Electronic cigarettes were invented in 2003 in China, and although just have a decade of the market, the Anglo – Saxon term Vape already used for 30 years, in fact its first reference was to Article Why do People Smoke , published by the magazine British New Society in 1983.

The text was written by Rob Stepney, and he, proposed the use of an electronic smoking device that did not exist:

“An inhaler or a cigarette” no fuel “that closely resembles the real thing but … to deliver a metered dose of nicotine vapor (the new habit, if successful, should be called ‘vaporear’)”.

Maybe in Mexico this word still we find it outside, as this product still has very little penetration. Anyway, we’ll see if the same thing happened with selfie occurs, and ended up hearing the word vape everywhere.

*** Via EFE