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A programmer created a code to automate almost all your work. And send messages to his wife

Even he gave instructions distance to a coffee machine rental sg


When we hear the word ‘programmers’ we are not come to mind fun. In many cases they are these strange creatures sitting in a corner and surrounded by computers and electronic equipment.

However, a funny story became popular in GitHub, the website that hosts all kinds of software to share with others, and deals with a worker automated much of their work and personal life. And to send a text message can be exhausting.


The story was shared by a programmer named Nihad Abbasov, known as “Narkoz” on GitHub. It consists of a lot of software scripts with some funny names but unfit to see at work.

Narkoz says the scripts came from another programmer.

“There was a programmer who went to another company, it was the kind of person that if something requires more than 90 seconds of your time, write a script (command file) to automate that.”


After the boy went to the new job, his former teammates were searching through your files and discovered that he had automated all kinds of crazy things, including parts of your job, your relationships and make coffee.

The man wrote a script that sends the text message “working late” to his wife and automatically selects reasons from a preset list describes Narkoz. This text was sent at any time when logged in toa computer company after 9:00 pm.

He wrote another script related to a customer who did not like, and this new script is saved with the name of that person.

What makes the script is to analyze the inbox of your email looking emails client using words like “help”, “problems” and “sorry” and automatically sends a reply: “No friend worry, be careful next time”.

If he was not at work and connected to the servers of the company at 8:45 am, another script called “hangover” automatically gave an excuse by email as “I do not feel well, working from home”.


But there is still one better:

The former worker wrote a code that waits 17 seconds and then hacks into a coffee machine to order a latte.

The script tells the machine to wait another 24 seconds before pouring coffee into a cup, the exact time it takes to walk from desk man to the coffee machine. His coworkers did not even know the coffee machine was in the net and it was hackable.


So this serves for programming?