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a gym to train programmers

An online community that organizes competitions hacking algorithms and internationally. Is behind the company with the same name that channels this a good way to orient recruiters around the world, selling itself as a product to find the best.

Not surprisingly, among his clients are companies such as Intel , Facebook, Paypal, Fit Shop Pro or herself National Security Agency of the United States , which organize sponsored with various tests specially defined by them to any of us could access and display events the world their worth.

How to start

The first is register on the site. To do this we must enter the web ” Community ” and click on “Register Now”. Maybe what you’re thinking and no, no version in Spanish. It is an international environment and should be accessible to all, and if in the developing world have a default language that is English.

Once registered (and authenticated) have the possibility to consult the tutorials on the operation of TopCoder, algorithmic or competitions, but what is really interesting is just up to the left. There have icons of a menu where you can choose what type of competition we want. For algorithms must select just the first, whose icon is a “O (n)”.

To move forward we need to have installed JRE (downloadable from here: Java Download RE ) and clicking on the red button on the popup and entered the TopCoder-chat-tatami-IDE application.

Practice rooms

For my taste, little competitive spirit, here is the grace of the matter. The first impression is that we are in a IRC to chat and waste time. Nothing is further from reality. In the top menu we can find an area to compete, that we can only enter when there are competitions, and also some rooms for practices where we can revive the old challenges and disputed , but with the same spirit: solve a problem and you can not escape nothing.

To access the practice rooms must select an issue, after which it will show us we must choose between the problems that make it up, sorted by score and difficulty, so it is good idea to start with the easiest (250 points) and then go up the difficulty gradually.

At the top we show the problem statement and the data of the class must implement, the input parameters and the format of what needs to be repaid. We must devote significant time to this part and take notes, because we must also check the consistency of data input and validate absolutely everything. At the end of the sentence examples show, interesting to verify that we understood our task.

To solve the problems we can choose between Java (preferred by the vast majority of participants), C ++, C # and even Visual Basic. At the moment only I could try Java so you do not know the operation of other languages, their options, etc.

At first you may stoke us often, so we have the option of consulting solutionscontestants proposed at the time of the contest. This action blow to all those in the room who are consulting the exercise solution, but it should not matter to usbecause this is also part of our training.

Plugins for the editor

In the window to encode us we are a simple editor but we can change it tosomething we feel like more. In my case I have installed the Kawigiedit , which allows better organize unit tests, you can even compile the program with JDKpremises of our machine and, best of all, we mounted the skeleton application using the problem statement.


We are, after all , one of the best tools that have been created to improve our skills as a developer. The team of Topcoder has made a genuine community of geeks and hackers where it is good to spend hours researching and challenging the best on equal terms. After testing, hooked, and I think every programmer should have a regular appointment with this tool to further improve and fun in equal parts.